About Me

This is Shariful. Currently, I am pursuing a professional masters degree in Big Data at Simon Fraser University. I am really enjoying the very beginning of my journey as data scientist.

I have a diverse background. I have completed my undergraduate is in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. After working as a lecturer in a university for around a year, I came to The University of British Columbia for pursuing a master’s degree, which I completed in 2012. After that, I started my PhD at UBC. However, I did not continue it for more than a year. I went back to Bangladesh and joined a University as lecturer.

There I also stared a start-up company for data analytics for market research, which did not went very well. However, I realized that the world of data has a huge potential and I need an academic background to explore all its potential. Therefore, I applied to SFU and started this masters.

Right now I am looking for an internship position for data scientist role to gain some real life experience as a part of my masters program.

You can contact me on my E-mail: msislam [at] sfu [dot] ca for any query or opportunity.