Building a Cluster to Play

I am working with big data tools. Many of them run on a cluster. I have access to cluster where I get all the softwares and tools preinstalled. However, I like to play around, and like to get my hands dirty. I do not like that I can ot play around with the cluster I am working on. I had already some familiarity with raspberry pi. I thought why not build a cluster with raspberry pis? I googled, and found out that, cool people are already doing so. Building a real cluster using full computers are not cheap, but hey, we have raspberry pi!

These are the components I am using for the project. First thing we need is a bunch of raspberries. I had a couple at home, and bought a couple more to make a couple of couple. For starting 4 seems to be a reasonable number. If that really work out well I can invest a little more and buy more of these. I have a little bad habit of making things. While I was looking for case for making a cluster all of them were pretty high priced. So I thought I would make a cluster case myself. I went to home depot and bought some wood sticks. And this is what I got as an end product. I agree thet workmanship could be better. But it will work for now!

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