Table of Contents

Big Data Tools
♦ Standalone Hadoop Installation and Running MapReduce
Installation & Troubleshooting
♦ Install Avro for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS   ♦ Running Spark on Local Machine
♦ Installing Anaconda to Setup a Machine Learning Environment ♦ Creating a Conda Environment from an Existing Environment 
♦ Install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS ♦ Setting up Jupyter notebook with Tensorflow, Keras and Pytorch for Deep Learning
♦ Ubuntu Resolution Problem for Extended Monitor ♦ Printing Jupyter Notebook to other File Format
Numpy and Pandas Basics
♦ *.csv File Preprocessing Using Pandas
Web Scraping
♦ Web Scraping Using lxml
♦ Using baseplot for Ploting Geographical Coordinates